DALY new M-series high current smart BMS has been launched

DALY new M-series high current smart BMS has been launched

BMS upgrade

The M-series BMS is suitable for use with 3 to 24 strings , The charging and discharging current is standard at 150A/200A, with 200A equipped with a high-speed cooling fan.

Parallel worry-free

The M-series smart BMS has built-in parallel protection function. This function can effectively prevent the battery pack from being subjected to high current shocks when connected in parallel, providing a solid barrier for safe expansion.

In addition to this, the BMS equipment is also functional. There is an instantaneous movement of the connected battery, a sudden change in the electric current, an easy-to-touch BMS protection mechanism, and a loss of electricity. However, if the electric power is to be charged, the electric power will be charged in advance, and the operation status will be fixed,,ensuring safety.

Large current output

The M-series BMS is applicable to a wide variety of high-demand large current, high-density, high-efficiency, and dissipated electric power plants.The choice is to use a thick aluminum PCB board with ultra-low internal resistance MOS, ensuring high current stability, and low current flow at the same time.

In addition, we guarantee that the board will be used in advance of the heating design  and multi-heat dispersion technology. The combination of high-speed wind fan and silver alloy wave-type scattering heating piece, the effect of dispersing heat, and the ability to guarantee BMS long-term operation.